Learn to shoot amazing portraits with ease, well-being and mindfulness.

What does a good portrait depend on? Firstly your camera knowledge, but above all it is about the person in front of the camera and what you are able to bring out of them.


Depending on whether you are a beginner or have already mastered your camera technique, there are two courses waiting for you:

  • The beginner portrait course: Here you will learn the basics of camera technique for portraits.

  • The advanced portrait course: Here you will learn how to create portraits with light and shadow (use of continuous light and studio flashes).

We will work in a group of four to six participants. The shoots will take place in the Goodfeelography Studio, but can also take place outside, weather permitting.



Theory and a lot of practice with a model in my studio. Both will help you implement what you have learned straight away.

Besides technique you will also learn the basics of body language, facial expression and posing in both camera courses. These are important prerequisites for good communication between photographer and model, as well as for the composition of your pictures.

Further details about the courses can be found in the bookings.


A digital SLR camera or system camera with manual adjustment options. If you have another camera, please contact me in advance to check if it has all the necessary functions. If you have lenses such as 35mm or 50mm to 100mm, please bring them along.

A digital SLR camera or a tripod can be provided upon request for an additional charge.


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