I feel happy and grateful when I am able to get close to people with my camera, when they open up to me and we discover their many beautiful sides together.


Hi, I'm Sylvie!

I have been a photographer for over 20 years because of my love  for portraying people. To me, a good portrait is not just the image of a person or the capturing of a moment, it is a deep look into their personality. This is why many people don't feel comfortable in front of the camera – and that's okay! It is important to me to create a mood you can relax and feel comfortable in. Together, we can then tell stories that are inside of you. And since I specialize in body language and facial expressions, we can also use this knowledge consciously. This is fun!

What I've studied and learned

I went to school in Hamburg, Lille and Brussels. Then I studied design at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne. Although I have moved around and done a lot, one thing has remained constant: my enthusiasm for people and portraiture. Besides school and studies, I have acquired my human and photographic skills through books, workshops and a lot of practical experience, but above all as a longstanding assistant to renowned photographers such as Rainer Holz.

Where I've worked

During my design studies I learned a lot about brand development, CI and design management, which I applied and expanded for several years at Trendbüro Hamburg as a trend researcher/consultant. Throughout this time I also received my first big photo jobs. After moving to Berlin in 2008, I combined my photographic and consulting skills and have since worked independently for the likes of Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post, Unilever, Ebay, Spiegel Online, Deutsche Welle and various advertising agencies and startups.

How the idea for the Goodfeelography Workshops came about

I discovered smartphone photography for myself in 2013 with my iPhone 5s: Suddenly I could capture people’s portraits spontaneously and sometimes unnoticed – with more intuition, more authenticity and even more discoveries and adventures.

I shared my photos via platforms like EyeEm and Instagram and received a lot of feedback, after which I was invited to several lectures on "Smartphone-Photography/Portraits" by Apple, the Berlin State Museums and EyeEm, among others. I was also asked if I could do workshops on this, and of course I loved to do that, working more often for Apple, EyeEm, airbnb Experiences and Neon Wood as a workshop trainer. Requests for "Creative Team Building" from companies like Audible followed. By that time, the idea for Goodfeelography had not only been born already, but also been realized: events where people feel comfortable and photograph each other with their smartphones - equipped with outfits, masks, props and confetti by the kilo.

What inspires me

People who are ready to grow, as well as all the knowledge on this topic: books and courses on mindfulness and self-compassion, body language, facial expressions and posing, meditation, self- and external perception and Jacobson's relaxation techniques.

  • Psychologie der Fotografie: Kopf oder Bauch? Über die Kunst, Menschen zu fotografieren / Sven Barnow
  • Body Language. How to read others’ thoughts by their gestures / Allan Pease
  • Mimikresonanz. Gefühle sehen. Menschen verstehen / Dirk W. Eilert
  • Hey, dein Körper spricht! Worum es bei Körpersprache wirklich geht / Stefan Verra
  • Ich weiß, was Du denkst. Das Geheimnis, Gedanken zu lesen / Thorsten Havener
  • Gesund durch Meditation: Das große Buch der Selbstheilung mit MBSR / Jon Kabat-Zinn und Horst Kappen
  • Das Posing-Handbuch. Der Leitfaden für perfekte Porträts von Kopf bis Fuß / Lindsay Adler
  • Perfektes Posing mit System. Der Praxisleitfaden für Fotografen und Models / Roberto Valenzuela
  • Gestalten mit Licht und Schatten. Licht sehen und verstehen / Oliver Rausch
  • Porträts perfekt ausgeleuchtet / Steve Bavister
  • Sehen und Gestalten / David DuChemin
  • Grosse Fotolehre / Andreas Feininger
  • Big Shots! People. Die Geheimnisse der Portrait-Fotografie / Henry Carroll
  • Big Shots! Die Geheimnisse der weltbesten Fotografen / Henry Carroll
  • Der Schnappschuss und sein Meister / Henri Cartier-Bresson, Clément Chéroux
  • The photograph as contemporary art / Charlotte Cotton
  • Fotografie. Vom technischen Bildmittel zur Krise der Repräsentation / Sachsse
  • Retroperspektive Hamburg / Guy Bourdin
  • 50 Photo Icons. Die Geschichte hinter den Bildern / Hans-Michael Koetzle
  • New Fashion Photography / Prestel
  • Story Teller / Tim Walker

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